Dave Swartz Art

Dave Swartz is an Artist, Writer, Teacher and overall Comic Book Ceator. He writes and colors a new comic book series by Alterna Comics called ‘Feast or Famine’. He’s also worked on the Wicked Righteous: Genesis Series for Alterna, and previously self published a 200 page Graphic Novel called ‘Atlas:ORIGINS’.

Dave is also an experienced Storyboard Artist & Illustrator having worked for companies like AT&T, Amazon, Intel, the NFL, the NBA, and Uber.

Finally, he teaches Art & Design part time at the College for Creative Studies in downtown Detroit, MI.


Feast or Famine

Written and Colored by Dave Swartz, Drawn by industry veteran Joseph Cooper and Lettered by Wes Loucher. Feast or Famine features a look at an alternate version of Earth, where Nichola Tesla & Albert Einstein partner together to embark on a cosmic space adventure to save an alien race from extinction! However, what they find on the other side of the universe is something far more sinister than either scientist is prepared for.

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Created by Dave Swartz and lettered by industry veteran Ed Brisson, Atlas is an all-new comic book series that explores the mysteriously TRUE nature of the reality we live. Many of us think we know who we are and what this thing we call existence really is. For some it's a religion, a science, a state of mind, but one thing remains true - everything is always more than it seems.

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Commission Work

Dave is available for commissions of all kinds. He primarily works in inks and watercolors with digital coloring, if needed, but can do traditional painting if requested. Each commission is unique so each commission quote will be unique as well. If you are interested in getting a commission from Dave or are in need of a commercial illustration please fill out the short 'Commission Inquiry' form below and Dave will get back with you soon!

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