Feast or Famine

In a parallel dimension to our own, Nicholas Teska partners together with Dr. Albalien Stien to create the world of tomorrow! After receiving a strange alien transmission from outer space, the duo embark on an adventure across space and time to discover it’s origins. On their journey, they encounter all manner of strange alien beings, advanced robots, and even mutated ice bears! However, it’s not long before disaster strikes, and the two master scientists find themselves too far over their heads.

This 3 issue mini series is published by Alterna Comics and can be ordered directly through the Dave Swartz Art online store. To read a preview of the series by clicking the ‘Read a Preview’ button below. To purchase your own copies, click the ‘Buy a Copy’ button below.


A New Hero for a New Age!

A man searches for meaning after the most destructive global attack in human history that took the lives of his wife & daughter. He travels throughout Europe and finds himself being suddenly guided to Africa. He discovers a great being of ancient knowledge known as Gaya who teaches him how to connect to all of consciousness and all of reality, to become the next savior of Earth - Atlas.

Atlas is my first fully finished comic book series. All 6 issues have been collected into a 200 page paperback collection. Click the Read a Preview button to read the first 3 page issue for FREE. Or if you would like to purchase your own copy of the Atlas:ORIGINS paperback collection click the 'Get a Copy' button below.

Confederate Monster

The South Will Rise...Un-Dead!

In the final months of the American Civil War,  a secret plot is unfolding that will change the course of history! The Confederate Army has captured a young & talented doctor named Daniel Schmidt, who is not what he appears to be. This man is none other than the famed lab assistant to the now infamous Dr. Frankenstein!

They plan on compelling Dr. Schmidt to reanimate their fallen soldiers and their greatest general, Stonewall Jackson. After Daniel completes their undead army, General Jackson will march them to Washington D.C. and claim the union states for the Confederacy!