Scott Pilgrim (Comic Series)


Scott Pilgrim (Comic Series)


This half body standee features Scott Pilgrim for the original comic book series! He stands 6” tall and 5” wide, featuring the following 6 quotes:

1.) “Garlic Bread is my favorite food. I could honestly eat it for every meal.”
2.) “You were a VeGan, but now you will Be Gone!”
3.) “Bread makes you fat?!”
4.) “Ok this next song goes out to the guy who keeps yelling from the balcony. It's called "We Hate You, Please Die.”
5.) “Ramona, I love you. I'll love you forever. And I have dipping sauce for you! I'll be your dipping sauce bitch!”
6.) “When I'm around you, I kind of feel like I'm on drugs. Not that I do drugs. Unless you do drugs, in which case I do them all the time. All of them.”

If you would like different quotes, that’s great! You’ll be able to customize your standee in the checkout.

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