Dr. Frankenstein (Young Frankenstein)


Dr. Frankenstein (Young Frankenstein)


This half body standee features Dr. Frankenstein from the Mel Brooks movie Young Frankenstein! He stands 6” tall and 8” wide, featuring the following 6 quotes:

1.) “No, it’s pronounced, 'Frokensteen'”
2.) “Are you saying that you put an abnormal brain in a 7 foot tall, 54 inch wide GORILLA!!!???”
4.) “Wow. What Knockers!”
5.) “Life! Life, do you hear me?! Give my creation LIIIFEEE!!"
6.) “From the very first day when filthy bits of slime crawled out of the sea and called to the stars "I am man", our greatest dread has always been the knowledge of our mortality. But tonight, we will hurl the gauntlet of science into the frightful face of death itself. Tonight, we shall ascend into the heavens! We shall mock the earthquake! We shall command the thunders and PENETRATE THE VERY WOMB OF IMPERVIOUS NATURE HERSELF!!!”

If you would like different quotes, that’s great! You’ll be able to customize your standee in the checkout.

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