NEW Comic Book Previews from Dave Swartz Art

I've been busy this summer working on a couple new projects in the comic book world. Both tackle the ugly sides of science and discovery, while reflecting on what we can do better as a collective. Check out these two new series from Dave Swartz Art using the buttons below.

Confederate Monster

In this new twist on the classic Frankenstein story, a young Igor travels to a Civil War torn United States of America to rebuild his life. He assumes the name of Dr. Daniel Schmidt, a wealthy and respected war surgeon and leader in plastic surgery. Soon after he arrives, the Confederates capture his wife and force him to build an army of un-dead confederate soldiers!

Read a preview of this all-new horror comic by clicking the button below.

Feast or Famine

Time and space is relative in this all-new sci-fi adventure! Following the story of a parallel dimension to our own, where two of our greatest minds, Nicolas Teska and Dr. Alberline Stein work side-by-side to create a global shift in technology and energy. During research for their new project, they discover a signal coming from a distant planet. Thinking they have discovered intelligent alien life, they set out to travel to this new world and make history. However, what they find on the other side is nothing they could have ever expected, or imagined!

Read a preview of this all-new sci-fi action adventure comic by clicking on the button below.