Welcome to DaveSwartzArt.com!

A long time ago when I was in my final year of college I was tasked with creating my first website as part of my final project. It was a rudimentary creation, but it satisfied the approaching need to market myself to the commercial art world! For a fear years I updated it and it worked well for me until I made a move toward a cushy graphic design job and my need for it faded away.

Now, years later I find myself reviving my old site, doing a little cleaning, and moving around. New coat of paint, hang up the new work and I'm open for business once again! Back at freelance illustration while developing my own original comic book series, Atlas. It has been a big transition, but a necessary one to discover more about myself as an artist and as a person.

I welcome you all to the all-new DaveSwartzArt.com! Browse my portfolio of work of character poster and sequential art. If you like my style and are interested in a commission, just visit my about page and fill out a short form. I'm also working on other projects if you are in need of a little collaboration.

Explore and Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!